In the Niseko, Hokkaido guest house gurigura HP welcome:)

From 2022, summer and autumn business will be closed for a while.
The business for the winter of 2022 has ended.
The business for the winter of 2023 is undecided..

Backpackers hotel for women.with organic meil
This facility is for women only.
Men's reservations can not be accepted.
We can not speak English.
However, we welcome international customers.

3 minutes free transfer to Niseko HANAZONO ski resort!
Niseko Grand Hirafu is also available.
Come for skiing and snowboarding.
This is a small and fun female-only guesthouse.
It is safe to stay alone.
Even if this is your first time skiing or snowboarding, we will be happy to guide you through your stay.
I look forward to seeing you.

All of these photos are gurigura guests.
Everyone is friendly and enjoyable.

You can experience comfort.

Empty star-filled sky ... which is fragrant, and is blue highly of green and the forest of trees
There is gurigura feeling a lot of good scenery.
The organic dish of additive-free no pesticide which is kind to a body. Setting sun of Chaoyang Orangeto go up from the ridgeline of the mountains. All this has good feeling, too. . .
This delicious pleasant leisurely is comfort.
The setting sun which sinks into the scenery Weiss horn of the mountains and the forest to see from gurigura garden and a window
A meteor and the Milky Way. Please come to see it.

and more

Because it is a female dormitory, it is safe even for one person.

It is the space where the first one and guest house feel relieved safely in first, and gurigura traveling alone can stay at and a cozy small hotel valuing leisurely cozy space very much.
The hotel is a women-only dormitory.(The couple of the repeater can stay as an exception)
So there is no that even traveling alone of the woman is lacking really.
The homestay feeling that came to the house of the relative to play.
We can speak only Japanese, but welcome everybody.
Please come to stay!

and more

There are lots of highlights. Many places to play.

Rafting kayak in the river of trekking clear stream five years continuation Japan 1 of mountain climbing and the marsh of the high-rise moor where even a beginner can climb the Niseko area around gurigura
It is also ... such as hot springs the cycling over the sweets lunch leisurely
There are a lot of idle places!
In a skiing area of Niseko proud of powder of 1 of the world in winter ski snowboarding (by car three minutes)
The snow shoes tour is extreme popularity, too!
I pray to be able to do a wonderful memory!

and more

To be able to spend it calmly and happily leisurely; ...
To be slow and comfortable, and to be able to sleep by security in peace; ...
So that the making of pleasant memory is possible; ...




387 Asahi , Kuchancyo , Abuta-gun , Hokkaido


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Approximate aim on a car, the motorcycle

  • From Otaru approximately one hour 20 minutes (by Akaigawa way one hour ten minutes)
  • It is approximately two hours from Sapporo
  • It is approximately two hours via Otaki from New Chitose Airport
  • It is approximately two hours from Tomakomai

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