In the Niseko, Hokkaido guest house gurigura HP welcome:)


Hi, everyone.
It is a small guest house of Niseko, Hokkaido here.
It is the hotel of the women-only dormitory.
(The couple of the repeater can stay as an exception)
Even a woman of traveling alone can stay in peace.
We can speak only Japanese.
But all the people who want to come here are welcome.
Please relax leisurely at a cozy small hotel.I wait.

Price & period


We will be closed for a while during the summer and autumn seasons.



with half board 5,900yen

student student discount 5,500 yen 23 years or younger

I cannot accept staying without the meal basically, but, in the case of early departure, guide you separately in the morning.

The payment, please pay the difference by cash or the following card on the departure date.
(the payment in advance is possible by cash, a card, too)

mastercard / VISA / Americanexpress

【Terms of Service】
· The whole building is a non-smoking property.
· Last check-in is until 18: 06 (check-in after 18:06 can not be done).
Dinner starts at 18:30 (All other guests eat together).
· You can not go out at night. (No night skiing is possible).
· Breakfast is at 7:30.
· The shower is available until 21:00. Please use it at the designated time.
· Dressing (sweat shirt, sweat pant, hoodie, hooded sweat shirt etc) Please bring your own towel toothbrush etc.
· There is a tea time that you can interact with other guests from 20 o'clock in the evening. Six kinds of tea can be drunk for free. I sell beer and sour.

★ I'm sorry.Reservations of guests falling under the following can not be accepted.(Please cancel if applicable).
· We can not accept reservations for those who will arrive after the last check-in.
· We can not accept reservations for those who wish to go out at night.
· We can not accept reservations for people with many requests (such as transportation).

One day in a gurigura

Free pick up to JR Kutchan Station
Check in
Summer15:00 to 18:00 Winter16:00 to 18:06

If you drive by car, motorcycle please come by 17 :30o'clock.

Those who wish to arrive early and use JR to go to Kagami-numa will also pick up the train arriving at 12:10 before check-in.(I will take you to a hot spring before dinner.)


Everyone will eat together.

Dinner · Breakfast is home-cooked with plenty of body-friendly vegetables.
In summer and autumn, we are making homemade vegetable-based homemade dishes carefully.

Tea Time

Six kinds of tea can be drunk for free.
We also sell beer.

Fun chatting with friends at free tea time.
Please spend your leisure at ease.

Everyone is watching stars if the weather is nice.
Have you seen a shooting star or the Milky Way?It is awesome!

Off time

There is alights-out time.
Roughly it is o'clock 23:00.

And useofconversationand mobile phonesin thesmallbecause theinnafteroffroomis prohibited.


Breakfast is around 7:30(If we have a early departure there will be 7:15)

GURIGURA is cooked rice cooked rice(Sometimes bread comes out)

Coffee time even after breakfast leisurely.
We offer freshly dropped coffee for free.

Please cooperate so that breakfast ends in 30 minutes on tidying up.

If you wish, we will go to the ranch nature tour where you can see a vast landscape like Hokkaido at 6 o'clock early in the morning (summer autumn season).
We will do a little nature guide such as vegetation of the forest of Hokkaido. There are times when you can see the sea of ​​clouds.
(Guide fee is free, but please cooperate with gasoline substitute)

Click here for details

Winter opening

· Skiing & snowboarding in Niseko boasting world-class snow quality!
· Free pick-up to Niseko Hanazono ski resort & Niseko Grand Hirafu ski resort.
· People who do not ski or snowboarding are fine. Snowshoe tour is also popular.
· Discount lift tickets are on sale. I will also reserve an introduction for cheap rental.
(You can not go out at night, I can not do night skiing)
(Because parking lots can not be used during winter season, reservations for people coming by car can not be accepted)

Plan of play

In and around Niseko there are lots of things you can do alone and enjoy!
Even with no plan, I will help you plan your play :D

All seasons

  • Hot spring
  • Cafe
  • Sand blast
  • Lamp beads


  • Climbing
  • Trekking
  • Wand walking
  • Rafting
  • Ducky
  • Sit-on fan kayak
  • River Sapp
  • Cycling
  • River kayak experience · tour


  • Ski
  • Snow board
  • Snowshoeing Tour
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