In the Niseko, Hokkaido guest house gurigura HP welcome:)


There are many fluctuations such as vacancy status even if it is full room even if it is empty due to cancellation etc. or it fills up suddenly due to relationships with other reservation sites etc. So please feel free to contact us via inquiry form.

This facility is for women only.
Men's reservations can not be accepted.

Reservation form

From 2022, summer and autumn business will be closed for a while.
The business for the winter of 2022 has ended.
The business for the winter of 2023 is undecided.

Cancellation charge

In case of canceling reservation, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

Summer 10 days ago 50% of the room charge
3 days ago 100% of the room charge
The day before, the day, no arrival 100% of the room charge
Winter 30 days ago 50% of the room charge
10 days ago 100% of the room charge
The day before, the day, no arrival 100% of the room charge
  • We will charge a 50% cancellation fee from the date of reservation during New Year's Holiday (December 29 - January 3). It is 100% from 14 days ago.
  • Christmas, year-end and New Year holiday, book over 3 days in winter,consecutive holidays first time payment in full prepayment thank you.(I will send you a prepayment invoice email with PayPal.)
  • Because it is a very small accommodation, the room will not be buried if there is a cancellation.Absolutely please stop reservation for temporary holding.
  • Cancellation by e-mail three days in advance Please call after that later.

Family reservation

  • Family members who would like to stay in a living room with a family that guesthouses and dormitories are okay Families, the accommodations are small so please understand that children can not make noise and understand the characteristics of the guest house We would be delighted to accept your request Let me do it.
  • If your child is over junior high school students, we can only accept family members who can come only by women.
  • Elementary school boy can accept reservation in the same room as mum.
    (Please make an appointment form entry by the number of student discount women, please specify the details in the message.)
  • I am very sorry, but I will refuse because I can not prepare a room such as co-sleeping for children of preschool children.

Terms of service

I'm very sorry but this is a small guest house, so the following reservations cannot be accepted due to room and facility reasons.

  • Those who plan to arrive after the final check-in (arrives at Kutchan Station at 18:06).
  • Those who wish to go out at night (bookings without meals are not accepted).
  • Those who do not want to be tied to a set time.
  • Those who cannot follow the pick-up time and meal time.
  • Those who can not reply within 2 days.
  • Those who want to spend time alone or in groups, or who want to make a fuss over drinking.
  • [Winter] Those who want to slide a lot until late (after 16:00).

★ Guesthouse for women only. We do not accept male reservations.
★ This facility is a cheap inn for travelers who travel at a low price called a guest house or backpacker hostel.
There is no standard service at other hotel inns.
★ If you are traveling by car, rental car or motorcycle, please be sure to arrive by 17:30.
(Because the parking lot is not available in the winter, people who come by car are not accepted)

We can not use shower room and bath for winter season.
I will send all to the hot spring (The transfer fee is free, it costs 600 yen for hot spring fee separately)

[Terms of Service / House Rules]
・ The entire building is non-smoking.
・ Final check-in is until 18:06 (Reservations for people who will arrive after the final check-in are not accepted).
・ Dinner starts around 18:30.
・ There is a free tea time where you can interact with other guests from around 20:00. You can drink 6 types of tea for free. Beer and sour are sold.
(Although you can bring in alcohol and snacks, we do not allow you to bring in large amounts of trash. You cannot rent dishes, etc. Please eat and drink in the common room.)
・ You cannot go out at night. (Winter skiing is not possible).
・ Lights off at around 23:00. Please refrain from talking in the room or using a mobile phone after the lights are turned off.
・ Guests should wear their own towels (sleeping towels) and toothbrushes.
・The shower is available until 21:00. Please use it at the designated time.
・ Breakfast is served from 7:30.
・ Please note that you cannot stay in the guest house after 8:20 in winter.
・ Please cooperate so that dinner ends within 40 minutes and breakfast ends within 30 minutes. I would be glad if you helped me with the dishes. Bring it to the kitchen after you finish eating.

Those arriving by car, car rental, motorcycle must arrive by 17 o'clock.

GURIGURA is a very small guest house. The room is small, too. Please acknowledge your reservation.

	Book by phone

Only Japanese 0136-22-6934
Only Japanese 090-3891-6776


  • Reservation by phone is until the day before.
  • Please do not hesitate to call us so we can accept as much as you can on the day's reservation.
  • Even when booking a phone, we may ask you for reservation form on reservation administration. (We are asking for reservation form other than last reservation)
  • We can not accept reservations for couples, couple because we can not promptly respond to other reservation sites and room arrangements.
  • Please contact us on web reservation or inquiry form once.
  • Please tell us that you have seen "HP" when you book by phone.

Booking online

☆ Reservation flow --- "Please fill in the reservation form and send it" --- "Reply email will be sent from Gurigura" --- "Please confirm the contents and reply within 2 days" --- “A confirmation email will be sent to the email you reply from Gurigura.” – Your reservation is confirmed.

【please note】
Replies will be answered within 24 hours.
If you do not receive it within 24 hours, please check your spam folder.
If you do not receive a reply to your reservation within 24 hours, please enter a different address and send it again or contact us via the inquiry form.
(Be sure to cancel the email reception refusal from the computer if you sent by smartphone address)
Sorry to trouble you, but if you receive a confirmation email, please be sure to send back a confirmation email within 2 days.
Reservations that do not receive a reply within 2 days cannot be accepted.
(Please note that if you do not receive a reply within 2 days or if you cannot contact us at all, it will be canceled)

Since you can not reply the following e-mail address, please send it by other e-mail address.

  • Just before "@" (left side), the e-mail address with the dot
  • On the mobile phone side, it is set to Reject Reception by designating a mail address

In the following cases, you can not reply, please be sure to cancel the setting.

  • On the mobile phone side, mail via the Internet is set to Reject Reception
  • I set it as Reject Reception setting.
Reservation form

This form is reserved only. For inquiries please fill the form below.
Contact form

Reservation status

There is still a space
It is crowded a little
I’m very sorry. Is fully occupied